About Owl

About a bird

Young Owl was an asthmatic misanthrope who grew up in a house without a T.V. When other children played outside, she read. When other children went to the movies, she read. When other children, er, do whatever it is that children do, Owl read.

Owl had great dreams of following her father’s footsteps and becoming a scientist. Then she got to high school and actually took a science class. In hopes that science is an acquired taste, Owl kept taking science classes. Owl learned that, no, science is not an acquired taste.

When Owl got to college she rebelled and became a creative writing major. She dreamt of a life spent reading books, writing novels, and blogging in her pajama. Maybe a house in the mountains too.

So far Owl has been a financial specialist for the US government, an English teacher in Malaysia, and freelance travel writer in China. Oh yeah, there was that summer when her father shipped her off to India to write copy for an analytics company, and the other summer where he shipped her off to Indonesia to be a clerk in a cookware factory. After that Owl put her foot down and refused to get shipped places.

She then shipped herself off to New York to attend journalism school. 

Currently Owl is a journalist and a book reviewer but she still dreams of writing novels and blogging in her pajamas.

If you'd like to learn more about Owl's journalistic pursuits you can follow her on twitter: @ShaleneGupta. (No work related pitches in the personal box please. All pitch information can be found on twitter.)